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Max Kahn Max Kahn, ... is that rara avis, a color litographer who does all his own work. He grinds his own stones prior to the actual drawing, grinds his own color inks and prints his own editions on a hand press. In addition to which he uses tremendous stones, up to five per litograph and I shudder to think what each must weigh many of the finished products measuring as much as 26 by 19 inches.
Fortunately, Kahn's technical virtuosity, impressive though it is, does not overshadow his performance as a creative artist. His designs are simple, strong and direct, yet capable of conveying many nuances of mood and emotion, and his color is unusally subtle for the medium.
Max Kahn,... in the showing of his colored litographs and woodcuts ... he (Max Kahn) proves he is absolutely tops in this field in America.
His handsome, exciting designs are matched by exquisite, muted color... His drawing is loose and vibrant and every inch of his production holds interest.
At times he seems to derive from French masters, but his textures and colors are so good he actually inproves on the work of the artists who have played a part in his background ... Chicago is fortunate to have such a distinguished artist.
Max, ... achieves works that are monumental and stable � at times even classic in feeling. There is great dignitiy in the thoughtful, formal arrangements underlying his colorful canvases and prints.
Max Kahn

Max Kahn,... is an unabashed easel painter who continues to follow a tradition popular in American art...

He is at his best, that is to say, his toughest, most substantial, and least decorative, when he tangles with a solid, three-dimensional objects - particularly with trees and rocks, for he has an admirable sense of volumetric form.

On the best of those occasions, he reminds us that he is still one of the best draftsmen in the Midwest.